The perfect yummy foods!

In the So Shape team, we truly think that a healthy lifestyle is a lifestyle you must love! So we spent 2 years transforming the sugary and fatty foods that we all like into clever “Smart Food” products that are good for us! Zero sugar, zero bad fat, enriched in protein, high in fibre and without some allergens. 100% French. This is a world first and it is thanks to you . Not just light. Not just delicious. Not just without some allergen. Really nourishing. Healthy. Yummy. Clean. Finally!

The healthiest yummy products in the world.

Smart Pancakes, Muffins, Mueslis, Mug Cakes, Chocolate chips...


Low in sugar and fat. Packed with protein and fibre - only good stuff!


GMO free, no preservatives just rich superfoods!


So delicious you won’t be tempted by unhealthy food.


Simple and quick to prepare.

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All the nutrients we need, without the rest.

To be healthy, the World Health Organization recommends reducing adults' free sugars intake to less than 5% of their total energy intake per day. Now, without realizing it, we consume much more! Associated with the fat of our favorite foods, it is a nightmare! Fatigue, cravings, extra weight, nothing is done to help us. The Smart Food is made for that!

Smart food power des Mueslis chocolat
Smart food power des Mueslis fruits rouges
Smart food power des Muffins chocolat
Smart food power des Muffins vanille
Smart food power des Mugcakes
Smart food power des Pancakes
Smart food power des Pépites

Discover our 7 Smart Food products.