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The Key to So Shape Success? Simplicity.

Our ONE RULE to follow: Replace your diet with 2 Smart Meals a day along with one open healthy lunch.

We are just like you. We LOVE FOOD! That's why complicated method don't cut it for us either.

The Smart Meals come in a range of shakes, frappes, soups, risottos, pastas and provide your body nutritionally with all it needs while being too delicious to even be tempted by unhealthy food.
The Smart method is designed to not only work wonders to your body but also to train your mind.

Filling it with the nutrients it needs when you’re hungry and kicking those bad habits of eating empty foods when your bored.

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The POWER of So Shape

Improved overall health!

So Shape is not just about losing weight! We improve also improve your health. The Smart Method does not deprive you from any nutrients. They work to not only improve your bodies nutrition but get your energy levels back up! Our Smart Meals comply to over 150 authorized health claims!

Respectful of your body!

The Smart Challenges are low calorie not hyper proteinated! The abrupt stop of a method that only consists of ingesting one group of nutrients (protein) can be disastrous for your metabolism and harmful to your health. It allow you to ingest fewer calories than usual while providing all the necessary nutrients your body needs!

Become lean not skinny!

When restricted, the human body will tap into the muscles to create energy. The consequence: our muscles disappear and burn less energy! So Shape’s low calorie yet complete diet enables you to keep your muscles while targeting your body to lose fat and not muscle.

Complete nutrition - No yoyo effect!

Let’s not kid ourselves, after the challenge you’ll need to behave ;) By providing your body with all the nutrients during the challenge with our Smart Meals, this prevents your body seeking revenge and stocking up on missed nutrients! Continue to be reasonable and put what So Shape has teached you to work and you’ll keep the weight off!

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Let's speak
the truth.

The weight loss industry speaks too seriously now-a days! We like to have a sense of humour and make weight loss a fun positive journey! Check out our FAQ for further information, but it is also important to understand the constituents of the Smart Meals are the only ones that can be associated with a healthy weight loss according to the European law. No tea or pill has the same authorization so always be mindful and check what is in accordance with the international health allegations European law here (enjoy your read).