Our Secret? We Keep it Sweet & Simple.

Hassle Free.

Replace 2 of your normal daily meals with smart, delicious and healthy So Shape ones.

No Constraints.

Enjoy one totally free meal per day, while remaining reasonable of course! We are flexible.

No Deprivation.

For little afternoon cravings, munch on So Shape’s Snacks, 100% nourishing and 0% guilt!

Why does it work?

Complete and Healthy

So Shape is not just about getting slim. It is also to gain fitness, energy, comfort! The super nourishing Smart Meals and Snacks combine together more than 150 health benefits!

Good and Varied

Better than a tasteless product from the pharmacy or a hyper complex method: some rule-free meals and a set of 24 convenient meals + 7 healthy and gourmet snacks among which to find happiness. To have a slimming experience without any effort, oh the joys!

Sustainable. No Yoyo effect!

You would still need to be a little well behaved afterwards ;) But by providing all the nutrients that the body needs during the Challenge, So Shape Smart Meals do not deny the body of anything it needs. So no revenge is taken afterwards by re-storing what it missed, as it didn’t miss a thing ;) !

Target. We don’t lose muscle!

When there is too much restriction, the body degrades the muscles to make energy. The consequence: our muscles disappear and burn less! The complete nutrition in So Shape products helps to keep muscles and thus prioritizes the loss of fat.

Safe. Compliant with European law

So Shape Smart Meals meet all the criterias for being associated with healthy weight loss by European law. No tea or pill has the same authorization!

Balanced. Respectful of metabolism

Sudden discontinuation of a method that only involves the absorption of a single group of nutrients (for example, proteins) can be disastrous for the metabolism. Meanwhile, the So Shape Challenge is perfectly balanced!

So, what's the catch?

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    What is a So Shape meal?

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    So Shape meals are nutritionally complete, tasty and low in calories! They are made with perfect composition of selected ingredients that make up all the macro and micronutrients we all need, without the extra calories. Prepared in 3 minutes with only water needed, they become very nutritionally complete dishes, shakes or soups, to take away with you everywhere! For the first time ever, we have 24 different flavours, delivered directly to you, to give you a variety of pleasures and slim down day after day without any hassle!
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    Is it only to lose weight?

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    No! The idea is to stock up on nutrients without the extra calories. Not just for people that want to lose weight! You can consume our products outside of Challenges, to stay fit, without giving up pleasure. Low in calories, rich in nutrients, convenient and delicious: as food should always be. Example: Drinking a clever So Shape Brownie flavour meal in the morning, is much more nutritionally complete and healthy than a chocolate drink full of sugar!
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    If I want to lose weight, how can I make sure it works and is it sustainable?

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    First of all, the results from our community speak for themselves: already more than 100,000 #SoShape hashtags on Instagram and the @soshaperesults account, that highlights the stories of our Shapers. Also, So Shape Meals and Snacks fulfill all the criterias of nutrient quantities necessary to benefit from health claims authorized by the European Union since 2012: meaning, REAL health messages authorised to be associated with the products that you eat. Why? Because if there is no nutrient deprivation, there is no Yoyo effect!
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    Ok..But how can you do better than what’s already been done before?

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    Our secret ... Is you! Our product development is 100% collaborative. Our direct link with you on the internet allows us to evolve our products according to your constant feedback: what was impossible for the brands distributed in pharmacies or supermarkets before. We started in 2014 with 5 innovative meals to drink, and have tweaked our flavours hand in hand with you ever since. Now we have 24 meals and 7 snacks. They are global creations distributed without the middleman between you and us. By greedy guts, for greedy guts.