Since we're all different, we can't specify an exact amount of weight that you will lose, also by law, we cannot provide you with the exact figures.  
But you can check out the results of our shapers here.

We focus more on reducing the waist line than a number on a scale since our formulas make you truly leaner! The goal is to lose fat and become lean.
Unfortunately we can't recommend the So Shape Challenge to mothers-to-be.
We also can't recommend starting a So Shape challenge while breastfeeding, either. As these are sensitive times where you cannot restrict yourself. 

Although So Shape's Smart Meals are a concentration of good things, in principle nothing can be taken during these sensitive periods.

However you can still eat Smart Food products in order to have guilt-free treats!
Fruits are full of vitamins!
But from a nutritional point of view, it's mostly water and sugar.
That's why they aren't part of the Open Foods, although you are totally free to eat them at lunchtime during the challenge. 

Eating Smart Meals for a long period of time will have no bad effect!

We just recommend that you take a break from 3 to 5 days between Challenges in order to relaunch your metabolism, and contact a dietary expert if you have a medical condition. 

Still hungry after your Smart Meal? Or feeling peckish during the day? Check the list of Open Foods ;) You will find it in your Challenge Booklet. 

The Open Foods are free for you to eat, whenever you feel hungry during the Challenge. And do you know what? The Smart Food products are on the Open Foods list! Why? Because they're filling, sugar free, fat free, enriched with proteins and fibres: everything recommended for a daily diet!


Don't worry, exercise is not compulsory for achieving results :)

Even without working out you will see results, you will become leaner and you will feel more comfortable with your body!

However, we can't deny: an increase in exercise will be a bonus, so try to stay active as much as possible on a daily basis.

Be careful: working out without eating will give you little or no results. ;)

Ideally, for the best results, you should eat a healthy balanced lunch:

- A good amount of protein, preferably from the lean white meats
- 4 to 5 tablespoons of cooked starchy foods
- As many vegetables as you like

Keep the fat and sugar as low as possible for dessert, going for a dairy product with 0% fat or some fruit. We post plenty of delicious and quick recipes on Facebook to help you!

Good news! You can keep on drinking tea, coffee and herbal teas during your Challenge! You can add some skimmed milk, soy milk and also almond milk.

But of course do not add any sugar to it ;)